My Fav Cocktails Editorial

My Top 5 Cocktails

Cocktails are not just meant for women, although that is generally the perception. Men pretend to be too macho to drink cocktails, but you can always find them stealing a sip ...

Funny Have a Beer When In Doubt

When in doubt have a beer!

Different Beer Styles

Beer 101: Different Types Of Beer

Welcome back to the Boozology Beer Guide. Last time we looked at what goes into a beer. Today we’re going to step out of the brew house and into the beer store—or the ...

Infographic about How to make Doomed Beer Taste Better

How To Make Doomed Beer Taste Better

So far, we’ve looked at a few different things that can make beer taste bad. Excessive exposure to light and heat are common problems. Not to mention, beer is a perishable food ...