My Top 5 Cocktails

My Fav Cocktails Editorial

Cocktails are not just meant for women, although that is generally the perception. Men pretend to be too macho to drink cocktails, but you can always find them stealing a sip or two as if to taste. Cocktails, most of them, can be rather tasty when prepared by specialists. And whether you are a woman or a man, you don’t want to give up just after a couple of sips.

I love my share of cocktails, yes, I love sipping those electrifyingly colorful liquids that are served in smashing looking glass with all sorts of adornments.

5 Fav Cocktails Side

Being a James Bond fan for years, I’ve developed a love for the Martini (although I like mine stirred unlike 007). I consider this drink venerable actually. For me, the best concoction is extra wet with equal amounts of gin and vermouth. The extra dry one does leave my throat parched, and I cannot have enough water after a glass. And oh! I’m all about the lemon slice and the olive too.

I can safely say I hate rum and prefer to leave it to the sailors, but give me a daiquiri and I’m all over it. It doesn’t matter which rum you want me to sip, but have it served to me with limey and sugary daiquiri, and I’ll sure ask for more. But of course, even the funky rums still don’t make me drool because they tend to kill the flavor and aroma of the daiquiri.

Do you remember when you sipped your first Margarita? I do and I’m told that many people remember this first sip of this legendary cocktail the same way. Some proper tequila with triple sec and a fresh lime and I’m done making my Margarita. I tend to avoid the pre-mix versions and so should you.

Close to Margarita in taste and one of my favorite cocktails is Sidecar. Most people will tell you that the Margarita and the Sidecar are more or less the same and I tend to agree. However, the cognac in the Sidecar makes me feel like having it on a dark evening by the fire.

And how can I forget Bloody Mary? The sourness of the tomato juice, the flavor of the spices and the bitterness of the vodka combine so well that I can’t have enough of it.

There was a period when I got into the habit of ordering a Bloody Mary with my breakfast after a heavy night out. It was somewhat passé, but after trying it once or twice, it became obvious just why it was so common. The kick of the Tabasco and the Vitamin C hit from the tomato, not to mention the shot of good ice cold Russian vodka, would always make what would otherwise have been a gloomy early afternoon into a day full of possibilities.

Unfortunately, responsibilities always creep in and my early starts are no more. I suppose the Bloody Mary will always be my number one for that reason though, with the taste bringing back the memory of being carefree and slightly ruffled every time I order one now.